Friday, January 25, 2013

Ties on Ties on Ties on Ties.

We all know that two years seems like such a long time!! Seven Hundred and Thirty Days??! Like how in the world am I supposed to make a chain countdown with 700 chain links?! To make this a little easier and a lot more realistic we decided to look at it as only 24 months. Twenty Four months doesn't seem that long, right? Oh Boy..... In just 24 short months my best friend would be back in my arms! To make it a little more fun and a lot more exciting than the traditional paper chain links, every month I will send Dillon a package with a tie and some other surprises that every missionary needs. This will be our countdown! 24 Ties. Dill arrives at the MTC today at 1:00 and I already have a package there waiting to be opened with his first of many ties. I can already tell that sending packages is SO fun! Ties on Ties on Ties on Ties.

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