Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Last Day.

Yesterday was a bitter-sweet-kind-of-day. It started off early, at 9 O' clock Dillon took the same drive that he had driven so many times before from his house to mine. The road that we both could drive with our eyes closed, only it was different. Knowing it would be the last time, made it difficult. Soaking it all in. Every turn. Every pot hole. EVERYTHING!! In exactly 7 minutes Dillon had arrived at my house. We decided to have a C.P. (cereal party) like we had done many times before, only this time we soaked it in, took in every breath..and of coarse we ate the "norm" Capt N' Crunch and Trix -- what we could eat of it anyway. After that we played a game of pool, where we had made so many memories before. And unfortunately he beat me..(like always, but I was just being nice). After that, we drove over to the mall and took pictures in the photo booth. By this time it was almost 11:00 and that's when we were meeting his parents for lunch! Dillon chose to eat at 5 guys Burgers and Fries. PERFECT place to eat!! It was soo good! Then from there, we had to head home to say our goodbyes. I will never forget that feeling, sitting in the car, heart beating, holding my best friends hand..SO tightly!! We had been dreading this day ever since I could remember. Tears streaming down our faces.. It was such a melancholy feeling. We were so happy, so happy to be in this together. So happy that we are both going to grow so much, and so happy this would be our last goodbye and knowing after we get through these next two years, it is only up hill from there. But it was SO SO hard seeing the one I love walk away not knowing what would cross our paths over these two years, and so hard to say goodbye..I mean, I already missed him and he was holding me in his arms! But we both love The Lord so much and have so much faith that we KNOW this is what he is supposed to be doing and KNOW how much it will bless us for the rest of our lives together. Two years does not even come close to comparing to eternity. We have to keep an eternal perspective. I love my best friend and can't wait for the day he we can holds hands, look each other in the eyes and know we did it. Know we did it the right way.

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