Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Bucket List.

While Dillon was going to school at Utah State, I received this paper in the mail titled "Things to do with Meg before I Leave" and this little piece of paper soon became what we lived by, our goal was to cross off everything on his list before he would report the the MTC on Wednesday January 16, 2013.
  • Go to Kolob and Find Our Tree
Back in August, Dill and I decided to go to Kanarraville Falls, hiking, and somewhere down the road we took a wrong turn and ended up on top of Kolob. After driving around for sometime wondering how could we have gotten so carried away singing, talking and just enjoying each others company, we pulled over and carved "Meg + Dill" in our tree in the pouring rain. It was PERFECT!! Evey girls dream right? Being with your dream man in the woods, carving your name in a tree, while its pouring rain! SO PERFECT (but only because HE was there)
    Now it being January makes it almost impossible to get to our tree with the roads being snowy and all, but that did not stop us.. we HAD to get there one last time before he leaves to burry our time capsule. So we packed up in my truck and headed out--not knowing what we were getting our selves into. About 200 feet up the mountain, the snow started to get thicker and thicker, and my tires on my little truck definitely we not made for the snow. If any of you know Dillon, he can do ANYTHING and thinks he is INVINCIBLE--and I totally agree-- so we kept heading up the mountain. By this time I am TERRIFIED!! I can just see us, sliding off the mountain into the valley..and boom..before we know it...squashed!! Dillon could see the terror in my eyes so he kindly offers to say a prayer, so he does and after that, things got a whole lot better. We decided to turn around and head back down the Mountain of Death as I now call it. We safely made it back to St. George and had to hide our time capsule some place else! We did not quite make it to our tree, but its the thought that counts, right?

  • Go Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • Shoot Meg's Bow 
  • Texas Road House  Texas Roadhouse has always been one of mine and Dill's most favorite places to eat! BUT that is only when he doesn't torture me and make me ride the saddle.
  • Hot Tub 
Dillon LOVES to hot tub, in fact he LIVES to hot tub, so New Years Eve his dream finally came true! We went to the movie with my family and saw 'Parental Guidance' which is a MUST see, then we met up with his family at the high school and harassed Aspen and her friends playing dodge ball and then after that Dill finally got to hot tub! --> he's so darn cute!

New Years Eve 2012
  •  Watch Movies 
Before Dillon leaves he had a list of movies he wanted to watch, we only got to a few of them.
1). Second Hand Lions
2). Tangled
3). The Proposal
4). Valentines Day
5). Christmas Vacation
  • Make a Ginger Bread House
 (He even showed up with FLOWERS and my favorite CHOCOLATE)
    • Go in the Tunnels in the School
      • Shoot Hoops
      • Fishing in the Dark

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