Sunday, January 20, 2013

Littarally a Wreck.

Dill finally made it to the MTC, and was able to write his family a letter the night he arrived! He loves it there and is doing SO great!!

Dillon and Bk

Dillon and Aspen

January 16, 2013
Dear Family,

          My Mission President advised us all to write home tonight so that we could put all your worries to rest. All I have to say is that I love the MTC! Everyone is so nice and outgoing. It is easy to make friends here, especially if you have an orange dot on your name tag. This means you are a new missionary and everyone looks out for you. After you guys left and drove away I got a tour (a quick one) and then got my name tag(Luckily my pocket had already been ripped open). It is weird calling everyone Sister and Elder. I can already tell the Sister missionaries are going to be an amazing asset to the mission field.

          It is also really cool to see people from all around the world here. I like seeing in the name tags in different languages. The Elders that are learning different languages always try to talk to you in the language they are learning. I love it! We really are the Army of Helamen from all around the world!

          I have already seen Elder Jordan Marcroft (roommate), Elder CJ Reber, Elder Brayden Derrick, Elder JT Abbot and Elder David Lloyd. My P-day is on Wednesdays’ so that’s when you can expect an email from me. Apparently we are in here for three weeks so we leave to West Virginia on Feb 5th. My companion’s name is Elder Skeleton and he seems really cool. He is from Arizona and played soccer. There are four people in my room and I got stuck on a top bunk. Everyone loves the cookies and they say thanks.
I am gonna be so busy while I am here but I am excited to learn and grow so I will be ready to teach the people of West Virginia. All of the Elders going to my mission sing John Denver’s song. One of the guys in my room is a Canadian EH. Everything here is centered around the Church. I love you guys.
Elder Hurt

          The day Dill went in, was not the ideal day for me.Not only was I a wreck, I was in a wreck. It started off just like any other days, I got up, ate breakfast, AND I finally got to put the first sticker on our count down, and went to school. When 11:05 struck so did the bell to head to lunch! Just like most days, Autumn and I got in my truck and headed to my house for some tomato sandwiches. And before I knew it, CRASH!!! The front of my truck was broken, bent up, and a little bruised. Some girl in smart car and suddenly stopped to let one of her friends in front of her for lunch (in a place in the road that normally you do not stop) and the kid behind her slammed on his breaks barely missing her smart car, which gave me no reaction time and slam!! I hit the truck and the truck hit the smart car. We were in a 3 car pile up. Right in front of the high school. I had never been so embarrassed in my entire life. After a long slow process of talking to the officer I ended up with a ticket for "following too close" and the girl in the smart car got 2 tickets. One for stopping in a place you shouldn't, and the other I don't know what it was for. But I was informed that it was NOT my fault. Luckily, no one was hurt and fortunately for me, I got to experience my first crash with my best friend. But none the less, this was not the ideal way to start off the beginning of these 2 years!!

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