Sunday, May 26, 2013

Catchin' Up

This Oh my my has been way too long! I have a lot of catching up to do!! Well first things first Dill is LOVING Clifton Forge! And he can't get enough of the Crawfords! They are so sweet to him, and have welcomed him and Elder Proctor Into their home with open arms..and FOOD. Elder Hurt and Elder Proctor have been together for 3 whole transfers! They work wonderful together. And Elder Hurt had his first of many baptisms! They baptized Stephen. And are now working very hard on the rest of his family. 
Elder Hurt and Stephen before the hair cut. 
Elder Hurt and Stephen after his hair cut 
Elder Hurt, Stephen, and Elder Proctor 
The after baptism party. Elder Hurt Elder Proctor Elder Linde, Stephen, And another Elder, who I'm not sure what his name is. You might be wondering what Elder Linde is doing in West Virginia??! Well, Elder Brayden Linde was one of Dillon's very beat friends from high school and he got called to serve his mission in Argentina, and with the big rush of missionaries going out right now he got assigned to Dills mission while he is waiting for his Visa! And what's even more crazy is that Dillon got assigned to be his trainer!! They work so good together! 
They are working so hard and even though some times can be frustrating they keep working hard because The Lord has a plan and will lead them to those who are ready and willing to seek the gospel. 

Alright so a little catching up on my life... I started working at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory and I absolutely love it! Working with some of my best friends surrounded by can you go wrong? Yeah I don't know either? Another big thing is that I graduated high school and seminary! It's crazy to thinly that it is all over. I still can't believe I am old enough to be graduated! I still feel so young. After the summer I have decided to go to Dixie State University for a semester before I hopefully go to Russia through ILP (international Language Program) and teach little kids English and explore a little but over there! I am so lucky, I get two senior trips to Powell! I was able to go to Powell this past week with all my favorite people! We went with some of the boys my age before they all leave to go serve all over the world! It was a blast! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such great people and such great examples!