Friday, March 8, 2013

A little Payback.

LOkay, so just a little funny story that happened to us awhile back. While Dillon was attending Utah State University, we wrote letters once a week preparing each other the the Mish. one particular week Dillons letter was REALLY long and he may have included a few extra things in the envelope (as much as it could possibly hold) When I got his letter in the mail, it had a note on it saying I owed the post office 20 cents for the little extra weight in the envelope and don't worry, I NEVER let him live that one down. I was always teaseing him for making me spend my whole life savings just for his letter. But this week.. He had to pay 20 cents for my letter because it was a little now were even! I love this cute boy with all my heart. 

March 3, 2013

"This week has been very spiritual for me and I have really felt the Lord working through me. I have had the opportunity to give numerous blessings this week, and the Holy Ghost literally put words into my mouth for me to say. Ihave never worked so hard in my life than I did this past week. Elder Proctorand I were determined to double the standard and be the first ones to do it. Wewere very obedient and diligent in all that we did and we got all of our goalsexcept for getting our investigators to church. We were three short ofdoubling the standard... It was upset sitting at church knowing that for somereason we weren’t able to accomplish it, but I also know that there is a reasonfor all things and maybe we need to learn a lesson from that. On the other handwe kicked butt in everything else and had some of the highest numbers thatElder Proctor had ever seen. It is amazing how many blessings you receive fromdoing the small things that you don’t think matter. I wish I wouldhave known that back at home. But the Lord does bless us for keeping hiscommandments. I have been so blessed to feel the spirit so much this week, ithas been amazing."