Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letter Number One.

January 17, 2013

Hey Meg! I am at the MTC and I am loving it just like you said I would. It is really so awesome here, and the spirit is so strong. There are people here from all over the world. I love looking at all the elders and sisters name tags to see where they are from. We really are the Army of Helaman. One of my favorite things to so here is learn words in different languages. But the spirit here is undeniable, the second I got dropped off it just over come me. Everything here is centered around our Savior and how we can learn to teach it to the people we come in contact with. It really is cool how everyone just does what they are supposed to without being asked and we are on time for everything, not because we get in trouble if we don't, we do it to show our love to our Savior _!| because through exact obedience we can receive more blessings. As missionaries we need ALL the blessings we can get. So don't forget to pray for all of us. My P-day is on Wednesday and other than this letter that's when I get to write home, and to you. Thanks for the package! All the elders were so jealous, but I shared a lot of it with my roommates and I now have a new favorite pillow case that I love and I hung the picture up and now I am wearing this nice looking black skinny tie. You seriously I ow me so well I love it so much and you make me so happy! You really were on top of having a package here so soon. The MTC is amazing! I have never said so many prayers in one day. But it is good because we need the spirit here with everything we do. We even start our gym time off with a prayer. When we play basketball everyone calls each other "Elder" and it is kinda really funny. There are 4 of us in our room a s my companions name is Elder Skelton and he is really cool! We are a lot alike and I enjoy getting to work with him. He played soccer and he likes shoes too! He is from Arizona. The schedule here is crazy busy and you have to go to bed right at 10:30 and we wake up around 6. The only time we get to be in our room is when it is bed time. Other than that we are studying in a class room. One of our teachers names is Sistwr DeAron and she looks exactly like Sydney Yates in your grade. It trips me out! My other roommates names are Elder Cox he is from Utah and Elder Prince from Canada. I wish you could see my schedule, there is seriously no free time. I guess the day before I got here Elder Holland spoke here so I can't believe I missed that! You should see how official I look with my name tag, but it's more than that, because we are wearing the Savior's name so we have to act like he would in EVERYTHING we do. This is one thing I need to work on is being more humble because I won't be able to do anything without Christ to help me out. Thanks for all you do for me and keep an eye on BK for me. Before I left, my mom made me change my Facebook profile picture she said because I am a missionary I should have a picture that looks like one. How are things going at home? What do you think you will do about D State now? How is high school ball? Remember everything happens for a reason. I found a scripture that I really like that I think you will like too. Alma 32:16 (all of alma is great for missionaries!!)
Elder Hurt

P.S. The sister missionaries (I can't spell I am so tired) but they are so weird. They always get mad at the Elders for "messing" around. But if you want to get mail to me faster while I am at the MTC you can use but I still really like hand writers letters "smiley face" I am so lucky that I don't have to learn another language because we have already taught our first lesson and if we are learning a different language you would be expected to teach in that language. We are so busy as missionaries but I love it. Anything and everything entertains you after being in class all day. So I made new friends at gym! Elder Holt and Elder Pursser, us three ball up all the other elders and I always wear my D-state shoes and everyone always says how much they like them!
Gods Speed

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  1. AH!! Dying. How cute. This made me excited. LOVE YOU!