Friday, February 1, 2013

The MTC.

Today I got THE BEST e-mail from Dill's mom Shellie! Totally made my weak for sure!! Dill has been doing so good in the MTC. He absolutely loves it!! Loves the constant spirit there, loves his companion and his roommates... EVERYTHING!! Unfortunately this week he got stuck with the flu but with a lot of peppermint oil I believe he is filling much better! Him and his companions made a band, and call themselves the "City of Enoch" he makes me so happy!! In his e-mail home he told his mom, "There is a reason I didn’t talk about them (the sister missionaries) the first time. There are 8 elders and 8 sisters in our district. And that is way too many sisters. I am constantly being tested with my patience because for some reason they think they know everything and apparently they know all the rules. It is really hard sometimes but I just try to be nice and friendly to them when inside I am wanting to say something that I know will make them mad. I think they will be good assets to the mission field as long as they stay away from the Elders because I don’t think we could handle them for two years!!!!" He also shared another way cool experience he had "I just want to share one experience with you guys that me and Elder Skelton (who I like a lot) had this week. We do this thing called TRC and its when volunteers from the Provo area come in and get taught lessons. Sometimes they are members, less active, or even investigators and we get the chance to teach them a lesson. Now of course if they are members they act like they aren’t so we never really know who we are teaching. But we taught this girl and she said all her roommates were members and going on missions and she wanted to find out about what our religion was about. She thought it must be really important if her roommates were giving up everything to go and teach it. Her story sounded really good and real and the spirit was so strong throughout the whole thing. I can’t help but think that she really was an investigator. We went over the Book of Mormon with her, Prayer, and the first lesson... we only had an hour to teach so it was a little brief but she said she understood it. And as we closed we asked her to ask Heavenly Father if what we were telling her was true. And after she got done praying we told her if she would wait 10 seconds and to pay attention to the way she was feeling. This was a real gutsy move on our part but the spirit was there and we knew she would feel it. While she gave the closing prayer my comp and I just prayed and prayed that she would feel something. After she said amen and the 10 seconds were up we asked her how she felt and she said that she had the idea that she needed to go to church with her roommates and learn more. It was just so cool to hear here say that and such a neat experience that builds my testimony of what we are doing. Our Father in Heaven is going to help us. With the Spirit everyone can know of the truths of the gospel, they just have to put forth the effort and ask sincerely. The Spirit is such a great tool to use and as long as I have obedience and do what I need to do to keep it with me then I know I will always have that as I teach." He is doing SO great and I am so proud of my cute little missionary!
Dillon, with his roommates Elder Skelton, Elder Cox, and Elder Prince. (All going to West Virginia)

Elder Hurt, Elder Lloyd, and Elder Stewart (High School Friends)

Elder Hurt and Elder Bozarth (Elders Quorum buddies)

Sister Awercamp and Elder Hurt (High School Friends)

Elder Hurt and Elder Stewart

Elder Hurt and Elder Derrick. They have grown up and  been friends since they were little.

Elder Hurt with his companion Elder Skelton.

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