Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

President Pitt and his Wife.

"The WVCM (West Virginia Charleston Mission) is 3 things.
        1). A baptizing mission. President Pitt said "if we follow the rules and work hard, we will baptize."
        2). We are a "Preach My Gospel" mission because Preach My Gospel was written by the Apostles which makes it scripture because it is inspired by God.
        3). We are a weight crazy workout mission. Every apartment has tons of protein powder and weights and all the Elders are crazy into working out and getting big. It fits me perfectly. I have already learned more since I have been out here than my whole 18 years of life. Before every meeting we start it off by reciting the mission theme and D&C 4. I was the one in charge of D&C 4, so I now have that memorized. Missionary work is very hard work with not very much success. It is easy to get down on yourself but then I just remember how blessed I am in my life and how much I want to share that blessing with others. Another thing that is kind of sketchy about this area is that people like to mess with dark spirits and voodoo. That stuff is very real and can be very dangerous. At first it scared the crap out of me and I was scared to go outside when it’s dark. But now I know that I have the Priesthood and I have the power to protect me and others if needed. Life in Clifton Forge is a really layed back, small town. Everyone know everyone and seems to be related. Lately I have a lot of cool experienced with the priesthood. I have come to know that the priesthood is real and is really is the power of god and I have the opportunity to have that and have it as a protection."
Elder Proctor and Elder Hurt
The Crawford's Home.
"This pretty much sums op my new life" 

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