Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekend Retreat.

This weekend my team and I decided it would  be a good idea to get out of the real world and spend some time together before state. Which is creeping up so fast! Lauren Smith was nice enough to allow us to go up to Pine Valley to spend the night at her cabin. 12 girls. No adults. and not to mention it is us, our basketball team--oh dear. It turned out to be SO much fun. Exactly what we needed. We played games, made music videos, sang songs while Madie Gubler played her guitar (yes, we are a basketball team, but we sounded like an acapella group). We stayed up all night laughing and bonding. The thing with my team is every girl is so different, but yet we all get along so good. It is sad that my high school basketball career is coming to an end. I love basketball, but the thing that makes it so special it the girls. They are all amazing examples to me. I love my team.

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