Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25, 2013

"Hopefullyone day I will figure out how time works out here in the mission field. Everyday goes by so fast and it is hard to remember individual days, it all kind ofjust blends together. Wedo service for people, we do a lot of chopping wood because everyone lives in whatwe would call cabins and use wood to heat their homes.  Me and Elder Proctor always joke around thatwe are serving in a third world town ha-ha. It is sad, but true. Thispast week we went tracting in an apartment complex and we got into one personshouse and had the Restoration lesson with her and her husband.   It went really well. The spirit was superstrong and everyone in the room could feel it. They had us schedule anappointment to come back. When we came back the second time after the lesson weasked for referrals and they gave us a couple that were in the apartmentcomplex as well. We went and knocked their doors and they let us right in andthe lessons went well there also. So, because of tracting one house we now areteaching 13 people in the same apartment complex. We hope to be able to getthem on date for baptism this week if all goes according to plan. We alwaysjoke that we are going to translate that apartment complex because we teach alesson to one family or couple and then they refer us to their friends nextdoor and it just cascades down from that. We set some high goals this week and are going to work really hard to reachthem.  Next week Elder Proctor and I haveit planned that we are going to double the standard that is set for our mission.If we accomplish it we would be the first companionship in the mission to dothat.  That would be cool because itwould be in my first transfer of my mission which is unheard of.  We honestly think we have the ability to it sothat’s our goal. We just got a text message from our zone leadersthat said because of the creation of the new 58 missions everything ischanging. We just got this like 10 seconds ago.   That could mean that I get switched eitherout of Clifton Forge and into West Virginia or I get switched to a completelydifferent mission: the Virginia Chesapeake Mission which was just formed. Thatwould be really cool because Virginia Beach is in that which is really prettyand I would be able to stay in Clifton Forge.  I am not really sure what is going on. Hopefully,by next week I will know for sure. Crazy how much is going on it freaks me outa little... pray for me and pray for President Pitt!!"

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