Sunday, February 10, 2013


Seniors?! na. this can not be real. This week has been bitter sweet. Mostly bitter though with a little bit of sweet. This Thursday was our last region home game. Thursday was our last time to wear dresses to school as a team. Last time to sleep in the team room. Last time to come together on the court. I never actually thought this day would ever come. I am not ready for high school basketball to be over. I love my team and my coaches. I wouldn't be who I am today without them and their great examples. This week we played Dixie on Tuesday and beat them in overtime. I was on the bench the whole game in foul trouble. I swear the refs have something against me!! Thursday I got to witness my best friend Autumn Shipp fulfill her dream--Earlier this season (the third day of practice) she tore her ACL, MCL, and Meniscus. It was devastating to our whole team on so many levels. She was a 3 year starter and played a HUGE roll in winning our state championship game last year against Desert Hills. We had played together since the beginning, and not having her out on the court with me was unimaginable. I was terrified, there was no way I could go on and play with out her. She ended up being the BEST assistant coach though, and on Thursday (Senior Night) she was able to start! Before the game the coaches came to the conclusion that they would allow her to shoot the first shot uncontested. (no one informed me what was going to happen if she missed) Unfortunately, she missed and being the best friend I am, I grabbed her rebound and put it back up... not knowing she was supposed to shoot until she made it. Thankfully I missed my wide open layup and she came and grabbed the rebound from me and made a  basket! I was so embarrassed. But that is what best friends are for right?! We ended up blowing Hurricane out of the water (56-14 in the first half) With a minute left in the game Hurricane's coach walked up to Wade and told him that Autumn could go back in and they wouldn't guard her. Us 5 girls (Me, Autumn, Maddi, Grace, and Amy) all went in for the last time together. We had been playing together since as long as I can remember, and I am so thankful for the opportunity we got to step onto that court together for the last time.

Last Time Sleeping in the Team Room.
Last Time Dressing up for School.

My Grandpa is my Number One Fan.                                                                         Me and Emilie

Grace and I.                                      Autty and I.                                  Me and Amy.

The Team.

Friday was the last region home game for our boys as well. They played Desert Hills and lost. It was a way good game though. They played their hearts out. I am so proud of them. Because it would be our last game cheering on our boys at home, the student section went HAM to say the least. In graphics..a couple of my buddies and I made over 300 shirts for our parents and student section that said "6th man" when the lights went out, everyone took off their jackets covering their 6th man shirts and the gym was a complete white out. It gave me chills it was so cool. I have never cheered so hard or yelled so loud before. I wouldn't have wanted to end my senior year of basketball any other way.

Warrior Nation.

I Have the Best Friends a Girl Could Ask For.

Taylor, Katelyn, Meghan, Mitzi, Kim, Kenzie, Callie, Macey, Kenzee, Autumn, Megan

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